Hello, people of the world, I am Xavier, people call me JaHzaviah, welcome unto my page.

Sciences Ital Vegetal is dedicated to people especially to mothers who wish to give their children the best lifestyle concerning good food habits.

I have been vegetarian since my 19 years old through RastafarI l movement which is a way of life that does not allows us to consume any animal flesh.

Nowadays what we call a plant-based diet or vegan still carries the name " Ital" for us as Rastafarian which means the respect of life and nature within all its forms.

Eating well and balanced is a form of self-respect.

My true passion lies in Food science and provides customized nutritional meals for those who need to feel better in their life.

My real motivation is to make the person becomes a better version of themselves by guiding them with my nutritional plan.

Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, and wives are very important for the next generation; it is said "educate a man and you will educate an individual but educate a woman it is a nation that would be educated.

Do not hesitate to ask me any question or to register as a member, building a community together is very exciting to share some common sense and knowledge, each one teaches one.