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Black beans and sesame pasta with calaloo and mushrooms skewers

Eat black, talk black, dress black, live black.😊

I am not a fan of barbecue but I wanted to try the diverse types of mushrooms on the skewers to see if I can appreciate them or not.

The skewers

5 big white mushrooms

5 big brown mushrooms

7 oysters mushrooms

Some cherry tomatoes

Marinade sauce

4 green onion

1 scotch bonnet

1t tbsp of oregano spice.

1/2 cup of avocado oil.

The dish

170 gram of black pasta

1 bunch of calaloo

1 red and yellow bell peppers

5 green onions

Soak your bunch of calaloo in salty water and your bell peppers as well for 10 to 20 min.( it remove dirt and pesticides) I do this most of the time when I have to wash my veggies.

Alright,the first thing to do is to remove the bases of the brown and white mushrooms without breaking them.

Cut them all into lengthwise.

For the oyster mushrooms, we are going to make a small batter.

1 cup of chickpeas flour

2 tbps of cayenne pepper


2 chopped green onion

Put all the ingredients in a small bowl, add some water and stir it up to make the batter.

You didn't want it too liquid and not to thick either.

When it is are going to dip your oysters mushroom into the batter and fry them very lightly because you are going to finish them in the oven with the rest of the mushrooms on skewers.

Alright let us go back to our recipe:

For the marinade sauce: put all the ingredient in the blender..nice and smooth.

With the texture that you will should put your tomatoes and the rest of the mushrooms into the marinade. Let them marinade for 20 min about and it would be better that you soak your wood skewer in the water same time, it avoids them to burn when they are in the oven. Get your wood skewer and begin to put on your mushrooms and tomatoes. ( don't forget those that you fried lightly) When all your skewers are ready just put them on a grill mode or in your oven for about 15 to 20 min. At 200°C.

Alright this is done now.

Let us come back to our calaloo, so you are going to remove the filament of the fresh calaloo by strip it off on each branches( especially the big ones, the small do not really need to remove them)

Slice all your bell peppers your calaloo and some green onions, in a fry pan just add some avocado oil and add everything in a pan and cook for 7 to 10 min.

In another pan boil your pasta same time.

You can find those pasta in a food health stores. For the first time that I tried them I got very surprised you can feel that you are eating rich pasta instead of starchy pasta that I used to buy in the supermarket.

Enjoy your dish and remain bless.

Pour mes lecteurs et lectrices en francais je ne vous oublie pas:

Mangez noir, parlez noir, habillez noir, vivez noir.😊

Je ne suis pas un fan de barbecue, mais je voulais essayer différents types de champignons sur les brochettes pour voir si je peux les apprécier ou non.