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Black eyed peas kale delight

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

During this fasting season we call "lent season" IandI as Rastafari people are fasting during 40 days and nights. We feast between 12 (midday) to 2 pm in the afternoon, then we going back to our fast until the next midday.

We should not eat any white products as white rice white bread white flour or any products that has been bleatched and deteriorated fron their original and natural nutrients.

During this 24 hours fast,we eat more soup and stew and drink water and homemade natural juices.

If you look at it in a holistic way ; it is a deep cleansing you are going through because each days you are breaking your fast by drinking a cup of aloe vera or any bitter drink like cerassie/ Corilla or rice bitter(Andrographis paniculata)

During that time your body goes through some changes..better blood flows..less bloating or constipation..feeling stronger even your face will look younger because your cells get to renew and to repair themselves faster and in a better way than usual..

Restrain yourself from food and drink can be a real challenge for some but the reward behind is WORTHY believe me.

I could explain myself a little bit deeper in the next article which will be talking about fasting.

Let us make this recipe right now.

• 2 cups and half of black eyes peas.

•5 chestnuts mushroom

•250 g of kale leafy green veggie

•1 corn

•3 sheets of Nori( to make sushi)

•1 half coconut to make your milk

•1 tablespoon Dry Basil

•2 tablespoons of tandoori masala powder

•3 tablespoons of avocado oil

•2 scallions

•5 garlic cloves

#Step 1#

Slice your corn in 5 to 4 .

Rince your peas and put everything to boil for about 40 mn...if you have a pressure cooker it may cook quicker.

While it is cooking, the peas itself gives you a brown sauce( the juice of the peas) plus the corn that you will strain it and put aside for later.

# Steps 2#

Slice your mushroom, mince your garlic, scallions and set aside. Chopped your kale slightly fine put on aside too.

#Steps 3

Make your own coco nut milk( here)

#Steps 4#

When your peas and corn are cooked, you are going to recover the peas's juice by straining it. In a large frying pan, add the avocado oil, add scallion garlics your tandoori masala plus your basil for 2 mn.

Add your mushroom, cook for 4 mn, then add your kale and cook until it is tender. Add your peas and corn and its juice.

Cook for 7 mn and add your coconut milk.

Add your chopped nori Let it simmer for 10 to 15 mn.

Serve and enjoy.

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