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Coco nut milk

Making your own coconut milk have a better taste and better quality than a tin can.

The only things you need is a fresh dry coconut, hot water, a blender a knife and a strainer or strainer cloth.

Break your coconut

Remove the meat from the shell by using a knife ( better using a round knife than sharp one, caution to not cut yourself)

Put the pieces in a blender add 0.75 L of hot water and blend it.

Strain it and you get the milk.

You can do this about three times by using the same coconut meat..the.more you do the less the milk is rich meaning your first set will be the richer milk, the second will be less rich than the first and so on...

What is very good is the fact that you can use your third set of milk to boiled peas or anything else you need to boil...You are cooking your food with coconut milk. Does it sound GREAT! Stay bless and Love your temple!

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