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Creamy carrots Soup with Kale

Winter season is at your door, for those who are in hot and sunny countries how lucky you are!

Soup is always welcome especially if yours is creamy and tasty..people won't be disappointed to have another bowl.

You will need :

5 carrots

1 slices of yam

1 sweet bell peppers( red colors)

4 cherry tomatoes ( They have a very nuanced flavor and texture, they’re sweet and just slightly sour)

Fresh basil

First of all cut in slice the carrots and the yam, make them boiled for 10 mn.

When it is over use a blender to mix you can use some of the water that you have boiled.

When it is done add into the blender the red sweet bell pepper and the cherry tomatoes blebd it for 5- 7 mn.

You should have a thicky soup of it is too thick add some of your flavouring water.

Put it back in your pan and add some fresh kale and fresh basil, cook for 3-5 mn and done!

Ready to enjoy the soup!

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