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Dasheen Chips AND red lentils stew.

The name Dasheen come from its scientific name Colocasia esculenta is a tuber of the family Araceae. It is called "Chou de Chine in Martinique, "songe", "arouille violette" or "taro" in Reunion and Mauritius or "madère" in Guadeloupe. I love this tuber; it can also be eaten in other salty or sweet forms: cakes, soups... The leaves are used in the preparation of soups such as calalou or Z'habitant soup ( which is a traditional green soup in Martinique )

Let put the ingredients in the pan.. So you will need : 2 yellow plantains 1/4 of dasheen( my own was will need enough to make about 7 to 10 chips..if you want to do is up to you) 350 grams of red lentils 4 brunches of calaloo or spinach 3 scallions

3 kelp seaweed 2 pinch of ginger powder Avocado oil Wash the lentils and put them to boil until they become soft; red lentils take about 30 to 40 mn to cook.

Soak your seaweed in water for 40 mn until they are very soft Chop the spinach, if your seaweeds are ready cut them and put them with your spinach and put aside.

While the lentils are cooking you can boiled your plantains by cutting them in 2 or 3.( with their skin) Since your lentils are cooked..add the greens and put two three pinch of ginger powder..tasted as your ease.

Let it simmer for 7 mn and put aside. During that moment the plantains are boiling and soon be ready it should be soft. Put them aside.

Now come the time to make your dasheen chips. Just cut into thin slices your dasheen, spread amd warm your oil. When the oil is hot enough and low fire just fry your slices until they become brownish

When everything get fried up..just add some salt..cayennne should be alright. Dip in your chips with that red lentils is delicious and don't forget your boiled plantain to add with it.

Be bless

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