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Fry veggies and seaweed

Today I had my little princess with and her mummy was saying to me that I should give her some fish to eat sometimes not only veggies and fruits.

The thing is when you have someone who had decided from his young age to get rid off all kind of animal products you might not be understood by everyone.

No worries I decided to astonish the mummy by incorporating some seaweeds to the meal.

Fish and seaweed swim in the same ocean, let us do this.

You will need :

5-6 leaves of "Kelp" seaweed; you should find them in any asiatic stores( you will have to let them soak into the water for about one hour)

100 grams of seaweed "Nori".

4 big Portobello mushroom.

5 scallions/ spring onions.

3 Cloves of garlic.

1brunch of calaloo( It is a wild spinach) if you don't have it just use the baby spinach it should be ok too.

150 grams of kale

3 sweet bell peppers (Red Gold and Green)

Some avocado oil

Seasoning : I usually use one tea spoon of each powdered spices but it depend on how tasty you wanted be free( moderate with the c pepper still lol)

Cayenne pepper powder

Crush pimento or powdered if you have

Fresh Oregano

Ginger powder

This dish could be eaten with anything you wish..I decided to have it with some whole wheat pasta but next time i would like to have it with some fufu( next recipe you mighy discover what is fufu :-)

First of all cut in small slices all your vegetables including your nori and kelp.

Keep all the sea weed one side and put all your veggies together.

The container where you have all veggies you can add all the spices we cited and stir up all together

It is like marinated veggie. Let it rest for 10-15 mn

Add some oil in a fry pan and put your kelp, spring onion and garlic you feel how it smell nice?

Let it for 7-10 mn. Done!

Add all your veggies together let it cook for 10-15 mn.

Now you can enjoy the tasty meal, the mummy was quite surprised to have a sea taste like sushie in a veggie dish and she did like it.

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