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Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Do you live to eat or you eat to live and make your temple be in harmony with your mind?

Science-Ital-Vegetal is Food science-related...

As a member of the Rastafarian community, Ital is a form of Respect for Life, of our own body and of course for being nurtured and having good health.

I-Tal comes from the word Vital, everything that promotes life, we preserve it, we eat no animal flesh whatsoever, no dairy products, no seafood. We eat more vegetables, fruit seeds, herbs, seaweed, all that nature has grown for the need of humanity.

I-Tal is also about being able to grow what you consume.

Nowadays what the people call organic has always been if you know the good quality of your soil and eat what you plant, there is no better organic than that.

Behind this movement and this philosophy, I decided to share with you my simple, complete and really delicious dishes.

For September 2020 I will study Food Science and Nutrition(BSc Hon), my site will have scientific articles too, for me to know how to cook and cooking are a science in itself and my mother made me understand and I could better assimilate it when I started to focus on nutrition and the benefits that any food can bring us.

Why did I create Science-Ital-Vegetal..I have been a chef for more than 10 years.

In the meantime I have always been interested in how food can be combined so that it benefits us. The spices and flavors have always been an awakening in my mother's kitchen ... that's where the taste for cooking came from.

Rastafarian philosophy has made me evolve a lot and it has made me know products that necessarily we do not present. That pushed me to do research on exotic products from the West Indies and Africa.

Here are my reasons why I want to share it with you so that you can share it with me also.

Each one can teach one.

Live in Peace and Harmony, it is essential.

Stay blessed!

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