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Okra in white sauce

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

My lil' sister and brother came to visit me and as well came to see their little niece...ooh what a has been a while I did not see them so I decided to prepare something very special for them, though I knew my brother and sister love my Ital dish.

It was relative because of my previous article on the okra. So let us have a healthy dish with okra..yummy yummy.

You will need for 5 persons:

1 coconut ( I prefer to make home made milk😊)

300 grams of okra

1 brunch or spinach

1 cauliflower

2 corn ( cut them into slices)

250 gram of plain cashew nuts ( let them soak for a night)

5 springs onion

2 garlic cloves

4 full tablespoons of tomato paste

2 block of tofu

Optional : The spices you love of your choice( I like cayenne pepper with oregano, white and black pepper,celery,basil,thym and Himalaya salt.)

Firstly boiled your cauliflower for 7 mn and your corn for 12-16 mn. I love when my vegetables are crunchy. When it is done put them in cold water and put them aside.

Chop all your spring onion and garlic cloves. Put aside

Coco nut milk homemade :

Remove the flesh of the Coconut from its shell.

Grate it and put it in your blender.

Add some hot water, it is the best way to get the creamy milk.

Strain it and put it aside.

Get your soaked cashew nuts and blend them with the Coconut milk that you have made. Blend it until smooth and creamy; no more cashew pieces.

Get your frying pan and add the mix cashew coconut milk cook slowly( add some water if it becomes too thick).

Add the tomatoes paste, the springs onion, the garlic,your spices and the tofu.

Add the spinach as well and the rest of the veggie when the spinach are soft.

We ate it with some red and black quinoa.

Let everything stimmer 5-10 mn and appreciate the food..yummy yummy


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