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Parsnip soup, spinach and yellow plantain.

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

This weekend my brother, brother's partner and his son came to visit me and spent some amazing family time.

My brother's partner is quite sensible with the gluten so I was asking myself what will I do for know we love to put people in a comfortable situation, like you don't want to make them feel like " you are cooking because of "THEIR" allergy..but with me it is fine I am getting along with everybody..easy going person and it is quite interesting to cook differently for someone who has a certain diet condition.

At the end of the supper she really appreciated it and asked me for the recipe.

So here we go for 3-4 persons :

Ingredients :

•Three parsnips

•Fresh dill

•2 scallions

•1 fresh coconut to make the milk( if you want to use a can it is fine but I love raw food and make it yourself will get you more juice than a tin can) See Making coco nut milk.

•1 bunch of spinach

•2 yellow plantains

•2 coco yam

•1 scotch bonnet if you like it spicy.

•2 tablespoon of avocado oil( sunflower oil can do)

•3 pinch of tumeric

First step :

•Peel the parsnips cut them in medium slice and boil them in salt water for 10 mn. Cut your coco yam in medium slice, boiled them for 15mn as well and set aside.

• Cut your spinach and put it in a bowl set aside, cut your scallion, scotch bonnet and dill very fine and set aside in a small container.

Steps 2 :

• Heat the coconut milk at least 500 to 700 ml and add your parsnip mixture. Stir a little and simmer for 5 minutes

• Now add your spinach and your cutted plantain to the soup and let it cook 5 mn more. Put it aside.

• Get a fry pan with oil and put your cutted scallions, scotch bonnet and dill for 6 mn. When you finish add it to your soup, tumeric and put it back on the fire for 10 mn

Steps 3 :

Pour the soup in a bowl and add your boiled coco yam. Taste and enjoy! Stay bless and good Ital Ites!

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