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The colourful oats

In the morning..the breakfast is sacred as much as eating healthy. It is a kind of self respect of our own body. My lil'princess had often oats in the morning with her mummy; I always need to give her something different like millet, sorghum,corn name it. This morning she had what daddy call three in one, one in three. She will oats yes, with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. This one can feed for 3 persons.

1 full bowl of oats( a standart bowl for breakfast, hope your own is not to big :-) ) 70 grams of strawberries. 70 grams of raspberries. 70 grams of blueberries. 50 grams of dessicated coco nut 60 grams of chia seeds For the coco nut and chia seeds it is just to sprinkle some on your dish.( I prefer to cook some in the porridge ans the rest I add it after) 0.50 L of almond milk ( choose the one your prefer) Some honey

First step : Cook your oats with your plante based milk, smooth and nice for 7 to 10 mn. Add a little bit of milk if too thick. You can add some of the chia seeds and dessicated coconut it softened them a little bit.

Second steps : Well, cut the strawberries in two, the rest Ieave them as they are( whole). Set aside. Third steps : Just pour your your oats in a bowl and dispose your fruit on the surface. Sprinkle some rest of the chia seeds and coco nut. A huge tea spoon of honey and here we go! Ready to enjoy it.

P.S : my lil' princess turn one year so even with two theet I have to blend her made a nice color and appetizing. She loved it!

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