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the sweets of dates and figs of the Lion

I don't know about you but I am a big eater of dates and figs those fruits are so electrics and beneficial for people who love natural sweets.

Sugar from the fruits itself is the best way to get some quick and pure energy.

The carbohydrates contained in fruits do not alter in the same way as the refined sugars that are present in packaged and processed foods.(Junk food ).

Fructose and glucose present in refined sugars can easily increase blood sugar levels, increasing the risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The natural and whole sugars found in fruit are filled with water, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals, which play their protective role behind the scenes against blood sugar spikes and regularized insulin.

always love dates and figs, this time I decided to eat them under a different form , I always been interested on how to make my food looks delicious and good looking. They said you eat first with your let us make them appetizing!

Ingredients :

21 dates 7 dry figs( if you can have them fresh it works as well) 4 tbs of desiccated coco nut 2 tbs of agave syrup 10 brasil nuts Half hand full sesame seeds

( If I can give you an advice is to cut very small your figs,dates and crush your brasil nut in a mortar because some food processor or blender work better than others and I was struggling to blend the composition. You should add a little bit of the water that you have soaked your dried fruits, but very tiny, you want a thick texture that you could be able to mold your balls).

The first thing that I do is to soak my dry figs and dates for about 1 or 2 hours just to make them flabby a little bit. Put every all the ingredient into the blender and pulse it.

Prepare a small bowl of water that you can have your hand and fingers wet when you mold your balls.

In another bowl you will put your sesame seeds and you will roll your date balls into it.

Repeat the process and enjoy

Pour mes lecteurs et lectrices je nous vous ai point oublié :

( Si je peux vous donner un conseil est de couper très petites vos figues,dates et écraser votre noix de brasil dans un mortier parce que certains robots culinaire ou mixeursfonctionnent mieux que d’autres et je luttais pour mélanger la composition. Vous devriez ajouter un peu de l’eau que vous avez trempé vos fruits secs, mais très peu, vous voulez une texture épaisse que vous pourriez être en mesure de mouler vos boules). La première chose que je fais, c’est tremper mes figues sèches et mes dattes pendant environ 1 ou 2 heures juste pour les rendre un peu molle. Mettre tous les ingrédients dans le mixeur et le pulser. Préparez un petit bol d’eau que vous pouvez avoir vos doigts mouillés lorsque vous moulez vos boules de dattes . Dans un autre bol, vous mettrez vos graines de sésame et vous roulerez vos boules de dattes dedans. Répétez le processus et regalez vous.

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